2011 - 2013 Press Releases




  • Coroner's Office: Cause Of Death Findings For In-Custody Death Subject
    11/30/2011 - Cause of death for Tyrone Walter Smith (case # 11-04798).
  • Coroner's Office: Preliminary Autopsy Findings for In-Custody Death Subject
    10/25/2011 - Subject arrested by the Sacramento Police Department on 10/22/11 who later expired at the University of California, Davis Medical Center in the early morning hours of 10/23/11 has been autopsied by the Sacramento County Coroner’s Office (case # 11-04798). Preliminary findings reveal the absence of trauma.
  • Coroner's Office: Adult Male's Identity Still A Mystery For Coroner
    9/2/2011 - The Sacramento Coroner’s Office has been unable to identify an elderly white male who passed away on May 9, 2011 of natural causes in a nursing facility in Sacramento. The Coroner was informed that the elderly man was under investigation by the California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) prior to his death for receiving health care under false declaration, grand theft and identity theft. DHCS began their investigation in February 2010 when it was discovered that the elderly man had assumed the identity of Manuel Calderon of Texas.
  • Coroner's Office: Facial reconstruction of victim created by FBI to assist investigators
    3/14/2011 - The skeletal remains of a homicide victim found in the rural delta area of Sacramento County in March 2008 remain unidentified. A three-dimensional facial reconstruction model was recently made by the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) Laboratory Services to assist investigators with the identification.​​